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d+a Issue No. 099

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d+a Issue No. 099

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In the context of structural honesty, designs should function in the simplest way. The structure should display its true purpose and not serve as mere decorative. Synonymous to the saying ‘form follows function’, the idea is that a building or product is shaped on the basis of its intended function. Perhaps, this may be the key to better sustainability in the long run. And as we are speaking about raw designs, it is not just about exposed bricks and cement rendered walls. It is a celebration of how beauty can be achieved simply by a mutual respect between people and materials. In PRIME, Chef André Chiang’s restaurant in Taipei – RAW – celebrates the beauty of local materials in its original form. Raw, untainted and pure, the special local pinewood used for the sculptural structure stamps a strong statement that is synonymous to the way fresh produce is used creatively in the restaurant. Designers are also working on their pursuit to finding a voice in design. Sometimes it lies in the context of place. André Fu draws his sensibilities for Kerry Hotel Hong Kong through the city’s way of life by the iconic Victoria Harbour. In Alila Yangshuo, the story of an old sugar factory creates the heart and soul of the newly refurbished hospitality project in China. The manipulation of materials translates to our contribution as designers to promote ecology, sustainability and a better life. Let’s be honest to ourselves, and start designing with heart, shall we?

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